How our unique Bush Kindy program nurtures healthy, confident young learners

Here’s why we prioritise sustainability and outdoor learning at Little Locals.

Every week at Little Locals, we don our hats and our high-vis vests and explore the diverse natural environments around us – the forests, creeks, national parks, and gardens in our communities.

We take off our shoes, dip our toes in cool streams, climb on rocks, draw with sticks in rich soil, spot colourful bugs, and let our imagination roam free.

These natural environments inspire stories, connections and a deep respect for the world around us. They invite us to play, learn and develop essential life skills.

This is why a sensory-rich Bush Kindy program features in our teaching and care at Little Locals.

What is Bush Kindy?

Bush Kindy is planning for the unplanned, and giving children immersive access to the great outdoors. Our carefully crafted program allows children to engage in unstructured outdoor play, where they can make their own discoveries and decisions in safe, engaging natural environments. At its roots, Bush Kindy facilitates holistic learning and development, and children take the lead.

Your young learner will interact with their surroundings in a way that ignites their interests, building trust in their own decisions and kindling a life-long love of learning.

As soon as your child turns two, they will be invited to partake in the Bush Kindy program at Little Locals.

Proven cognitive, behavioural & physical benefits

It is easy to recognise the physical health benefits of outdoor play as your child races around outside, but what’s happening beyond the running, climbing, and tinkering?

When your young learner considers the depths of a creek, they are learning to assess risk. When they draw letters in the soil, they are learning to read and write. And when they show their buddy a ladybeetle, they are learning to communicate and form friendships.

Nature play can also help children:

  • build self-confidence and self esteem
  • develop resilience and initiative
  • collaborate
  • socialise
  • strengthen numeracy
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • nurture creativity and critical thinking
  • develop an appreciation and respect for nature.

Outdoor and nature play has even been linked to children’s improved performance and behaviour at school.

With an emphasis on self-directed learning, our Bush Kindy program gives children confidence to keep exploring and learning

With an emphasis on self-directed learning, our Bush Kindy program gives children confidence to keep exploring and learning.
Accredited by Nature Play Queensland

Little Locals’ educators are assessed and endorsed by Nature Play Queensland, meeting the necessary requirements to provide authentic, engaging outdoor learning.

We ensure that the areas we explore through Bush Kindy are safe, hygienic and suitable for unstructured play, and rich in learning opportunities. We carry out vigorous risk assessments to ensure your child’s health and wellbeing at every moment.

Nurturing nature-lovers

As the children explore the natural wonders of their local communities, they learn to take care of them, too.

That includes picking up rubbish and leaving little trace of ourselves behind. We learn about our connections with the environment, and the impact that we have on the land we live.

We learn to smell the flowers, but to leave them for the bees.

In this way, your child understands the importance of living sustainability, and is encouraged to adopt behaviours that can improve the quality of their lives in the future and for generations to come.

How you can keep up to date

Families can follow our Bush Kindy adventures on social media or our online StoryPark platform..


“We have been to four daycare centres and Little Locals has by far exceeded our expectations. A highlight is the Bush Kindy program. Recently, we visited an area where Little Locals takes the children, and Rory led us through his adventures. We were amazed. Being exposed to nature and learning about the world outside of the classroom has really helped our son develop his confidence.”

“As a family who doesn’t have a lot of time to enjoy nature, the news that the boys would be attending bush kindy was really special. Max loves his bush kindy days – and comes home with all kinds of information – surprising me at with a “kooooeeee” and telling me all about the creatures at the creek. I have full trust in sending max with little locals knowing the kids are free to explore in a well supervised environment and a safe vehicle.”

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