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A Little Something Extracurricular

Here’s why we prioritise sustainability and outdoor learning at Little Locals.
A home away from home

From yoga to rolling sushi to stargazing at the Planetarium, Little Locals’ outside school hours care program offers children a safe environment to relax, play and develop lifelong skills through unique and engaging experiences.

We get it; there’s no place like home, especially after a long day at school. That’s why we take extra care to create a space that’s vibrant and comfortable, which can cater to every child’s journey, and where amazing adventures are just waiting to be found.

The result? Many little locals end up not wanting to go home after their time with us!

A little something extra for everyone

After school, before school and during the stretches between terms, Little Locals is ready and eager to welcome the little locals of our communities.

Whether your child joins us casually or on a regular basis for after school care, before school care or vacation care, we tailor their experience so it’s not only fun but also benefits their individual learning and development.

Tailored before - and after-school programs

All nutritious meals provided

Before- and after-school drop-off and pick-up services

Vacation programs with exciting excursions and incursions included in fees

Dedicated OSHC Leader integrated in schools to support continuous learning

Fixed fees for regular days

Safe, inclusive environment

Support aligned with school practices

Flexible and casual bookings available

Led by qualified Early Childhood Educators

Open 52 weeks a year excluding weekdays & public holidays

Explore, engage & excel

Led by qualified Early Childhood Educators, our outside school hours care program is based on nationally approved learning framework and created with every child’s age, interests, developmental needs and circumstances in mind.

Everything we do is with purpose and backed by the latest in early education research.

This means we can continue to support your child’s learning and development after (or before) the school bell rings and in a way that naturally engages and inspires them.

Give them a head start at school

Sustainability is now embedded in the Australian Curriculum. By familiarising your child with its concepts early, we are nurturing confident, active learners at school. Natural spaces provide stimulating, sensory-rich environments where children can be curious and learn through play, observation, and exploration.

Supercharge your school holidays with vacation care

School holidays give kids time to relax, unwind and, importantly, have a heap of fun. They offer opportunities for exciting adventures, to discover new skills and interests, and to make new friends.

An adventure-packed vacation care program at Little Locals looks like:

- exhilarating excursions; we love Australia Zoo, Seaworld, trampoline parks, water parks and art galleries

- incredible incursions, such as interactive native animal and reptile shows, barnyard animal encounters, science shows, and carnival days with juke boxes and karaoke machines.

Our fees are all-inclusive of excursions, incursions and meals, so you never pay extra.

Apart from an abundance of engaging activities, Little Locals’ outside school hours care gives children a chance to complete homework, with our helping hand.

Children may also take part in:

Science workshops
Music and dance
Pilates, yoga and sport
Arts and crafts
Cultural and social activities
Homework hubs

Accomodating every child

Nurturing positive relationships with every family, every child and every community in which we operate is important to us.

That means we’ll know you by name, and as soon as your child walks through the door, we’ll get to know exactly what makes them, them.

This is how we can provide the highest quality care tailored to each child.

We're part of your School's P&C

Sometimes circumstances mean that you see us more than you see your child’s teachers.

We know this - we understand this! - and that’s why we embed ourselves into our partner schools, including joining their Parents & Carers’ (P&C) Associations.

This way, we can support a clear, valuable line of communication between teachers and families, as well as align our own program and environment with the schools’ culture and curriculum.

Meet Lachlan, our Outside School Hours Care Leader

I hold play in high regard when it comes to helping children develop the skills and knowledge they need to lead happy and healthy lives. My main objective is to provide safe, nurturing environments where children can immerse themselves in a meaningful, free-flowing world of play.

Guided by the knowledgeable minds of educators and influenced by recognised educational theories, the practice of child-initiated learning is one that I embed in my daily routines.

Outside of the structure of the classroom, child-initiated learning inspires a relaxed, comfortable space where children feel free to explore and build on their own interests.

I love playing sports and am a passionate advocate for outdoor activity, and I encourage active lifestyles among the children in my care. However, I also understand and value the many different strengths children have, and am dedicated to helping them further their learning in any area.

I look forward to meeting you at Little Locals soon!