Here’s why we prioritise sustainability and outdoor learning at Little Locals.
Hello there and welcome to Little Locals!

If you’re already looking for childcare jobs in Brisbane, we probably don’t need to tell you how incredible, and incredibly rewarding, it is to work with children in their early years – the years that set the foundations for happy and healthy lives.

And you probably already know that a career in childcare gleefully defies the 9-5, ‘office job’ structure, where you can whip out the yoga mat one moment and the fingerprint the next, where your role is to dance, play, laugh, lead and, most importantly, help shape the lives of our future generations.

What we do need to tell you is why Little Locals Early Learning is the perfect place for you to do just that, offering not just a childcare job but a fulfilling career supported by like-minded people and endless opportunities.

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While searching for childcare jobs in Brisbane, you will have noticed centres offering professional development programs and competitive wages. These are important, but how do you really know if a centre will be the right fit for you?

As a brand-new, emerging network of centres, Little Locals is excited to join the industry as an innovative, people-first and forward-thinking organisation, offering:

• 9-day fortnights

• generous employee benefits

• a supportive and friendly network

• flexible working arrangements

• a variety of engaging roles

• state-of-the-art facilities

• a focus on sustainability.

But what else?

To help give you a better idea of what it’s like to work in childcare at Little Locals Early Learning Centres in Brisbane, we invite you to come along with us on a virtual tour, meeting some of our team as we go.

Get to know the people and space that make up Little Locals

The classrooms:
Little Locals’ classrooms cater to children from 6 weeks’ to 5 years’ old with purpose-built nursery, toddler, junior kindy and senior kindy rooms.

Guided by the latest in early learning pedagogy, our Educators and Early Childhood Teachers encourage play-based learning through personalised programs that follow childrens’ own interests.

Our educators are invited to lean on their own passions and strengths in their classrooms to spark immersive, imaginative, and enjoyable learning experiences.

Each of our spacious rooms feature environmentally friendly crafts, toys, books, upcycled furniture, interactive smart boards, and our Auchenflower centre even has an indoor mezzanine play space with a 10m slide that traverses two levels!

And before you ask, yes, the slide accommodates both child- and adult-sized humans… (We built it that way, of course.)

Who you’ll see here:
• Early Childhood Teachers
• Educators and Lead Educators
• Apprentices/trainees

The kitchen:

A close second to the slide when it comes to most-loved spaces at Little Locals, our kitchen provides the children and our team with plenty of food for thought, both literally and figuratively.

Besides the food that fuels learning and play, our qualified chefs bring nutrition, sustainability and culture to mealtimes through make-your-own lunch workshops, cultural food days and more.

Who you’ll see here:

• Chefs/Cooks

The outdoor spaces:

In the Little Locals’ great outdoors is space to run, explore, play, make discoveries, learn valuable life skills, and care for our environment. This can be done in sandpits, on the playground, in our vegetable gardens, and on our trampolines and water park.

The outdoors extends beyond the perimeters of our centres with our Bush Kindy program, where we take regular excursions to further our discoveries and appreciation for the environment.

Some of our team members manage and coordinate our Bush Kindy programs; with their help and an educator-to-child ratio that exceeds industry standards, we can ensure we provide safe and engaging outdoor experiences.

Who you may see here:
• Pilates teacher
• Bush Kindy Leaders
• Sustainability Officers

The serious stuff

A career at Little Locals invites you to join a passionate, experienced network of early childhood professionals.

We work closely with each of our team members to ensure that they are learning, growing, being challenged in all of the right ways, and forging a path in early learning that aligns with their interests and goals.

As a new centre that is quickly expanding across Queensland, we have unique opportunities to offer fresh, exciting roles that you can mould and make your own.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for you: an individual with a passion for early childhood education, a unique perspective and skillset, and an appetite to use all of these qualities to help inspire, mentor, teach and nurture our young learners – to give them the best start to life.

“Working for Little Locals has been such an rewarding experience. The autonomy and support we are given is far beyond anything I have ever experienced. Not only do you have the support and collaboration from a network of likeminded Centre Mangers but you also have the hands on owners championing your every move!”

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Now that you know more about us, we’d love to get to know you!

We’re recruiting for a range of childcare services roles in Brisbane and surrounds! We’d love for you to join us, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

We hope to see you in our classrooms soon! (We’ll save you some cake!)