Give your child the best start

A lot of learning happens in the years before children start school: while we are playing, singing songs, exploring the garden, or even enjoying mealtimes—we are learning.

That’s why we’ve developed education programs to meet the unique needs of children all the way from infancy to prep, using a well-balanced combination of intentional teaching and play-based learning.

Why is early learning important?

Did you know that your child’s brain is 85% developed by the time they’re five years old?

This makes early education critical in your child’s development—and it’s why Little Locals is committed to providing the very best resources, care and support for the young minds of our local communities.

  • Queensland Government-Approved Kindy Program

  • Unique Bush Kindy program

  • Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF)

  • Bachelor qualified teachers

How is early learning embedded in our centres?

Apart from introducing cognitive skills like literacy and numeracy, our early learning programs place a special emphasis on your child’s social and emotional development. These skills are just as important to your child’s adult functioning, and support children to be confident in exploring, taking calculated risks, and fostering the curiosity necessary for future learning.

Childcare isn’t a babysitting service for children not yet old enough to start kindy; it’s an important step in socialising your child, and it’s one of the most effective ways to support your child’s psychological well-being, emotional intelligence and capacity to learn.

Early learning tailored to your child’s needs

As a parent or carer, you already know your child’s needs change as they grow.

Our early learning programs artfully impart social, emotional and cognitive teaching in response to, and to effectively support, your child’s evolving interests and developmental growth.

Early learning in our
Nursery and Toddler rooms

From birth to two years, the child’s most important need is to feel secure.

At Little Locals, we focus on building trusting relationships with our children, because we understand that when children feel secure, they’re more receptive to learning and more confident in developing the skills they need for formal education and adulthood.

An early childhood educator sits at a table with children at Little Locals Early Learning, enjoing her childcare job at this Brisbane early learning centre.

Early learning in our Junior and Senior Kindy rooms

From two to four years, your child’s priorities are exploring, pushing boundaries, and taking risks as they engage in learning about the world around them.

Little Locals’ teachers are skilled in scaffolding children’s learning in innovative ways, so it happens naturally as a response to their innate desire to explore and engage with activities that interest them.

Early learning at Kindergarten


Success at School and Beyond

Up to age five, we focus on children’s social and emotional development, comprehension, communication, and emotional regulation, which are invaluable in preparing your child for school. Literacy and numeracy falls into place more easily when children have these skills, because they’re more self-assured and more confident in meeting challenges head on, which is a big part of learning.

When children approach the end of kindergarten, we provide more structured and purposeful teaching that helps the progression to formal education. Little Locals provides a Queensland Government-approved Kindergarten program, which means families may be eligible for subsidies to cover a percentage of the cost.


As soon as your child turns two, they will be invited to participate in our unique Bush Kindy program, where we explore the diverse natural environments in our local communities.

Offering sensory-rich outdoor experiences worlds away from the classroom setting, Bush Kindy gives your child the opportunity to engage in unstructured nature play, guided by our educators who are endorsed by Nature Play Queensland.


Little Locals’ staff are passionate about supporting children to learn and develop the skills they need to be successful at school and for the rest of their lives.

Having gained the tertiary qualifications necessary for deep understanding of early education, our nurturing teachers are well able to facilitate your child’s exploration of the world around them, and to support your child with the communication they need to understand the things they find.

Each of our teachers brings with them their own unique strengths and passions, so your child has access to a well-rounded education and supportive, inspiring educators and mentors.

Enriching communities

We are part of a large supportive network: all our centres operate in relationship to local schools, libraries, community group activities, and even council-run programs like recycling, giving your child access to valuable social resources and experiences that promote inclusivity and cultural awareness.

We’re fully integrated with local schools and communities, so we can effectively assist and support your child’s transition to school, and support them to be a lifelong learner.

Modern resources for holistic learning

Since our very beginning, Little Locals has used the StoryPark app, which allows us to communicate with parents and families, and to support continuous learning.

Parents are encouraged to use the app to access stories and photos of the children’s daily activities at Little Locals, which helps to facilitate communication with the child about their learning, and to participate in supporting the child’s interests and needs.

Inspiring positive connections

Socialising is critical in early education: social skills don’t come naturally; children learn them from their environment. That’s why Little Locals’ teachers focus on imparting skills like conflict resolution, turn taking, cause and consequence, communication, and comprehension. Developing these skills prepares your child for the real world, improves their resilience, and provides a strong base from which to learn: they enable children to seek help or clarification when they need it, to communicate their personal and educational needs, and to have meaningful relationships with other children throughout their education.

How often should my child attend?

To fully reap the benefits of an early learning program, we recommend your child attends a long day care service, (with a Kindergarten program for when they’re of suitable age), for a minimum of two days per week.

This helps to develop a consistent and structured routine for your child in their early learning, and helps to smooth the transition into the five-day week of prep when the time comes.

Note that we offer full-time (five days per week) discounts on fees and don’t charge fees on public holidays.

Learn more about education programs at Little Locals by enquiring below, or book a tour at a centre near you:

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