When you’ve got a fussy eater to contend with, it’s easy to get frustrated and want to give up. We recently sat down with our in-house Chef’s across our Little Locals centres to chat all things fussy eating. Our Centre Chef’s have a combined 35 years in the industry with one of them also being a qualified Nutritionist! Not only do our Chef’s feed hungry little tummies each day, they also provide nutritional advise, recipes, strategies for our staff, families and the wider Little Locals community!

Avoid calling your child ‘fussy’

We don’t want to make them feel worse about their behaviour

Get creative

Look at purchasing an adventure plate to make meal times interactive and fun!

Safe foods

Pair familiar foods that you know your child enjoys with new foods. This can overtime decrease anxiety and fear around trying new foods

Plant edible gardens

Children love to take ownership over things! Planting edible gardens may encourage your child to try new things

Eat as a family

Role modelling is key. Try and eat the same meal and at the same time as your children

Get children in the Kitchen

Whether it’s washing and chopping or actually getting the children to cook, the more interactive, the more likely they are to get involved

Sensory experiences

If your child struggles with different textures of food, try and explore textures through sensory play first

Finger foods

Try cutting food into small shapes and sizes to encourage children to use their hands

For more information, recipes or nutrition related content, head to Nutrition Australia‘s website