At Little Locals, weekly Pilates classes are part of our all inclusive fees because we believe that all children should have access to programs like these to encourage them to adopt practices to support healthy and active lifestyles into the future.

Currently, our Little Locals across all centres have been focusing on improving their coordination and proprioception development.

What is and why are we developing Proprioception?

Proprioception refers to the planning of our bodies to react and adjust accordingly to their surroundings – understanding where our bodies are in space. We use our proprioceptive receptors for simple everyday activities such as picking up a glass of water, for walking and even giving each other a hug. We love targeting proprioception as many children find it ‘comforting and safe’ to feel where there bodies are in space and to feel that control.

What is and why are we developing Coordination?

Coordination exercises in Pilates teaches children to practice visual motor and bilateral skills which are essential for everyday activities including walking, running, brushing teeth, to name just a few. Coordination exercises are controlled via the cerebellum in our brain telling our bodies how to coordinate voluntary movements needed for balance and postural control. Developing our coordination skills not only improves physical development but also aids in developing cognitive function and improving academic performance as bilateral coordination exercises requires us to use both sides of our brain.

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