An approved Kindy program you’ll approve of too

An approved Kindy program you’ll approve of, too.

At Little Locals, we understand that as a parent or carer, you need to be well assured that your child is in capable and caring hands during their formative years at Kindy, in a place where they’ll feel safe and happy as they learn. We also know that when you’re looking for the right kindergarten, it’s not always easy to tell which one is the best fit for your child and your family.

Little Locals always has your child’s best interests foremost in our minds. Our kindergarten program fully aligns with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines provided by Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Association (ACECQA), and with the lofty benchmark of the National Quality Standard (NQS) for early childhood education and care.

But there’s more to a great Kindy…

Little Locals draws on research evidence that shows great gains in development come from engagement. This is why we diligently seek to discover your child’s unique interests, and use them as an avenue to fruitful learning. As children move through early childhood, fostering their social and emotional development is paramount in preparing them for formal education.

Our role is to provide a nurturing environment where your child is free to explore and develop their individual abilities and preferences, and to support the creation of strong emotional and social foundations that will enable them to develop into a confident, independent learner.

We adhere to, and are assessed against, the seven quality areas outlined by the NQS in providing:

  • Child-centred, stimulating educational opportunities that enhance children’s learning and development in these critical years of cognitive, emotional, and social development.
  • An engaging and safe physical environment that safeguards and promotes health, safety and wellbeing alongside learning and development opportunities.
  • Qualified and experienced educators (with a minimum of a Bachelor degree), who are passionate about early childhood development, and who provide warm, respectful and encouraging support to the children to promote security and a sense of belonging.
  • Collaborative partnerships with parents and families involving clear communication and opportunity for consultation.

  • Effective and professional governance to ensure the maintenance of a quality environment for the children’s learning

Success at School and Beyond

Suitable Ages

The Little Locals kindergarten program is for children aged 4-5 years who are preparing for school.

School Transitioning

Little Locals supports your child’s transition with a multifaceted approach, where we gently introduce key learning areas like numeracy and literacy, while continuing to nurture their social and emotional development.

An early childhood educator from Little Locals Early Learning Centres sits with a group of children at a desk.


Through our kindergarten program, children are provided with a good balance of formal educational activities and play-based learning that imparts the soft skills they will draw on throughout their education.


Children learn important social and emotional skills like self-regulation, polite communication, and socially appropriate behaviour, and when they’re approaching the end of kindergarten, we provide more structured and purposeful teaching that helps the progression to formal education.

Success at School and Beyond

Sparking a lifelong love of learning through play

Play-based learning involves providing experiences that are interesting to the child in order to foster their desire to learn.

What is meaningful is different for every child, and our kindergarten teachers will spend time learning about your child’s personality and abilities through observing the activities they choose. They then plan further activities and experiences that may also be of interest to them, and reflect on how your child engaged with these activities. This way, they can continue to support a program that aligns with your child’s interests and needs.

Our ECT’s would love to meet you.

Play-based learning also supports spontaneous learning. Children are given the opportunity to talk, to be creative, to solve problems, and to explore many different activities—they may even discover interests you’re not yet aware of.

Because Little Locals’ kindergarten program encompasses a range of important subjects, your child will not only enjoy a well-rounded curriculum, but also the opportunity to discover and pursue their unique interests.

As part of our Kindergarten program, we explore:

  • Sustainability and nature play (with bush Kindy)

  • Literacy

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths)

  • Arts

  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity

  • Extra-curricular activities like Pilates, sport, and music.

Proven strategies for effective teaching

Proven strategies for effective teaching

We use evidence-based techniques to support your child’s development and learning, including:

  • Intentional teaching;
  • Scaffolding;
  • Activities targeted at developing fine and gross motor skills; and
  • Nature play programs.

Through various social and cultural activities, your child will learn and develop skills like polite social interaction, self-calming and patience, exercising, communicating with teachers, and becoming accustomed to structured days. These experiences are invaluable in supporting your child to become accustomed to formal education, and ultimately, their development into well-adjusted adults.