We recently sat down with owner and Director, Liz Dawson and Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Manager, Daisy Welsh to chat all things Kids Heart Pilates! The team at Kids Heart Pilates visit each of our Little Locals centres weekly to deliver their classes

What exactly is Kids Heart Pilates and why did you decide to go down this path?

Kids Heart Pilates is my first baby actually, I started it in 2010 and it has been my passion ever since. It is a movement program based on clinical pilates but delivered in a FUN way for kids. It is all about forming healthy movement patterns, getting kids moving and setting up a good relationship with exercise.

I actually started teaching it when I was working in weight and chronic disease management and had clients that had no control of their health. So when presented the opportunity to work in a Kindergarten teaching Pilates to kids it was a no brainer. Ultimately I want to give children the freedom that a healthy life presents and I love having fun with them. It is laying down the important foundations to a healthy body and life.

What are the main benefits you see from children who participate in your program?

There are so many benefits which stem from our Kids Heart Pilates approach, including sensory development, cognitive and social development, encouragement and interaction as well as gross motor development. One of the most exciting benefits I see which our program helps to nurture is this idea of imaginative play and joy through exercise. Giving each child the chance to exercise their imagination through play and Pilates allows this beautiful creativity and freedom to ‘just be’ helping to foster a healthy attitude towards exercise.

What do you love most about delivering weekly classes at Little Locals?

I love being able to deliver classes at Little Locals because not only have the educators been absolutely wonderful and enthusiastic in their response to our program, they all show genuine care for each child which has a beautiful ripple effect throughout the entire centre. The joy and pure happiness a child shows when participating in Pilates is why I love what I do, and to have the chance to teach at a centre where every educator and every child has that same positive purpose, has been an absolute pleasure.

For more information, visit https://www.kidsheartpilates.com.au/