How we are teaching our Little Locals to care for their future.

It’s never too early or too late to teach your child about the environment and the world they live in. Children of all ages will benefit from any opportunities offered to them that allow them to connect with nature and experience outdoors.

That’s why we embed our inhouse Greener Minds Program and unique Bush Kindy Programs across all our Centre’s. As we focus on these programs and embed them into our everyday practices, we start to see the see children’s awareness further develop and their respect and understanding of all thing’s sustainability start to take place.

Whilst educating and supporting children to become environmentally responsible is a requirement under National Quality Area 3, we are committed to taking further action to ensure that we are giving our Little Locals the best possible start to sustainable future by –

– Becoming the first Early Learning group in Queensland to become certificate carbon neutral

– Establishing and implementing our very own Greener Minds Program

– Embedding Bush Kindy’s programs across all our Centre’s

– Monitoring and putting systems in place to watch our water and electricity usage (Including installing solar panels and water play features that require children to use pumping in the playgrounds)

– Implementing food waste opportunities such as ‘take home scrap packs’ for household chickens, worm farms and compost bins

– Engaging with our local community and organisations to share knowledge, ideas and work together

– Installing Australian Native Beehives to aid in the pollination of plants

– Partnering with the Rainforest 4 to save the Daintree Rainforest to buy back as much privately owned land as possible

Here are three ways to kick start your sustainability journey at home –

1. Spend more time outdoors

2. Research sustainability with your children through educational resources and books

3. Visiting local community gardens in your area to help contribute, take and give back

4. Setting up your own worm farm or compost bin at home